Many jurisdictions require notarised documents to be “legalised” in particular the affixing of the Hague Apostille via the Foreign & Commonwealth Office,website,  and sometimes Consular legalisation may be required.If you have been told that you need a document “legalised”, it must be notarised first.
 We can help you if you have any specific queries regarding the requirements for a specific jurisdiction or if you are unsure of the requirements for the legalisation of your document.

Worlwide Guide To Apostille & Legalisation

For corporate clients in need of regular notarial services, we can offer a complimentary first visit to set up our Remote Service. This is where we take specimen signatures and identification so that you do not need to come to our offices every time you need to notarise a document; you can simply send us your documents to have them notarised remotely, (for most documents.)  

Regular corporate clients: we are also able to offer a corporate discount rate prior arrangement.

Please note: the FCO will not legalise a document in any language other than English unless it contains an English translation.

We can arrange for your notarised documents to be legalised for you. The process usually takes between 3 to 5 days; however there is an express service available and we can obtain apostilles and legalisations within the tightest deadlines, same-day legalisation service.

Client care is  paramount. We are dedicated to provide our clients with specialist expertise. Call or e-mail us now on 0207 409 5134 – for a no obligation appointment.