We work in conjunction with a reputable network of Spanish lawyers who are able to provide legal support across all areas of Spain.

Our clients are updated regularly with progress and all legal transactions and research are streamlined using the latest technology ensuring a precise and prompt service.

Our collaboration gives our clients the absolute assurance of dealing with accredited English solicitors and the security that their legal Spanish problems are being handled by an expert Spanish lawyer.

We are members of the BSLA (British Spanish Law Association) in order to improve the knowledge of conflicts between British-Spanish regulations. Collaboration helps us to:

–   Better evaluate certain client problems

–   Offer a more integrated service

–   Obtain necessary documents such as Certificates of Applicable Law and Powers of Attorney etc.

–   Assist clients both Spanish and British who have legal needs in the UK & Spain.

–   Keep up to date with changes and developments in English law

–   Provide a complete service, particularly in matters concerning wills and inheritance where collaboration is essential.

Our experience in both jurisdictions lets us offer you an improved service and a wide variety of benefits.

***NIE ‘Identity Number for Foreigners’: Anyone intending to sell or buy property in Spain (or indeed anything else which involves paying tax to the Spanish inland revenue) needs a NIE by Spanish law for tax purposes.

NIE is required in Spain if you intend to:

  • Set up a business
  • Buy and sell a property
  • Open a bank account
  • Buy and sell property
  • Get a loan or a mortgage
  • For tax payments
  • Register with social services and receive benefits
  • Receive an inheritance
  • Apply for a driver’s licence

NIE. Documentation required:

Passport copy (all pages) certified by a Notary Public in the UK, Power of attorney with Hague Apostille, Signed NIE Form.

We can arrange your Spanish NIE number. No visit to Spain is required. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.